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Impossible Storrries!

Pirates are the best in telling stories. And more than often you say it's impossible! that could happen. In our games we show you one of this adventures.

We promise! It has really happened!

Our two brave men have to fight for their lives running from skeletons that are comming from all sides of the ship. Kill them before they kill you. Use barrels and boxes as obstacles to buy yourself some time. Use combined strenght of both our heroes to lift the cannon and shoot thoes bastards in the face ARGHHH!


Protect your sheep from vicious wolves by shooting them with precious cabbage. But be careful not to run over one of your fluffy friends when drifting with your tractor.

Game can be played by up to 4 players in splitscreen mode.

Project made for Ludum Dare 43 Game Jam

Our Team




3D/2D Artist


3D Artist

Who we are?

We are a team of 3 passionate game developers from Poland. Creating entertaining projects and solving problems is what we really like. That's why we have participated in uncountable gamejams and contests!

Low level programming doesn't scare us. One of our games is created on a custom engine that we have developed from scratch. We like to experiment and test new tools and workflows. That's why we have also experience in photogrammetry, motion capture and a lot more!

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